Podium offers a large variety of activities: theatre visits, film screenings, debates, talk shows, pub quizzes, podcasts – you name it!

Utrecht Maakt Kennis (Utrecht Generates Knowledge)

Utrecht Maakt Kennis (Utrecht Generates Knowlegde) is a series of informative talkshows that highlight a different HU-research in every edition. Together with a researcher and special guest speakers we examine how the research results relate to the world around us.

1 Uur Over... (1 Hour About...)

1 Uur Over (1 Hour About) is a panel discussion, produced in collaboration with HU’s Student Support Centre. Every edition students talk to experts about a different topic related to personal wellbeing, such as grief, or beauty standards.

De Strijders (The Activists)

De Strijders (The Activists) is a film and debate programme, produced in collaboration with Hoogt on Tour. The films focus on young activists who are fighting for a better world. Every film is followed by a Q&A with a special guest speaker.


Roadmap is a video series about sustainability, produced in collaboration with HU’s Green Office. Every episode highlights a number of inspiring sustainable initiatives, related to a different field, such as food, or housing.

Theatre Trip

Theatre Trip is a series of theatre visits to shows, selected by Podium as must-see performances about social issues that matter. Every show is followed by a Q&A with the director.

Kroegpraat (Pubtalk)

Kroegpraat (Pubtalk) is a series of philosophical conversations between students and guest speakers. In these discussions we reflect on contemporary issues such as the pandemic and the elections, while enjoying a drink.

Political Junkies for Dummies

Political Junkies for Dummies is a series of talkshows, produced in collaboration with HU’s Honours programme. Experts with different perspectives on politics help students to understand the municipal elections, and to decide their vote.

Food for Talk

Food for Talk is a series of meetups, organised in collaboration with HU HOME. These meeting revolve around cooking and food from all corners of the world. By exchanging experiences, cooking tips, and recipes you can connect with other HU-students.

De Omslag (The Cover Story)

De Omslag (The Cover Story) is a book that is produced in collaboration with the HU Library and the HUB-Lab. Each edition, we ask the writer of a book about innovation what they think about the developments that occur in their (fictional) stories.

Op de Bank (On the Couch)

Op de Bank (On the Couch) is a series of talkshows with special guests who excel in their career. Students and alumni of the Journalism study programme interview these guests about their field of work.