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Podium will be expanding with Podium International!

Hear hear, Podium has some good news to share: we are expanding! Over the past few months, the Podium team has been working hard on exciting plans for the future. For those plans, an application was submitted to Community Development and Student Engagement. The plan has been reviewed by the guidance committee, the Executive Board and the College Council, who have now informed us that the application has been approved. So we can announce that in 2022 we will start with our new baby sister, Podium International!

International students beware: we’re coming for you! In 2022, preparations will be made for Podium International. This programme branch of Podium will focus entirely on developing activities in English for international students (and all others interested, of course). New staff and student assistants will be hired to focus on this.

Starting 2022, international students are welcome to visit the Podium Meet Up Clubs. In these club nights, communities are formed based on cultural interests (film, theater, books, photography, cooking or spoken word). In each club experts are invited to give a lecture about the cultural discipline followed by a group discussion about this shared passion. Keep an eye on our calendar for the first Meet Up Club in 2022! A more extensive Podium International program will start in 2023, so that will take a while.

We are also working hard to deepen and broaden our Dutch-spoken activities in 2022. Behind the scenes, we are working on a new spring programme in which we’ll dive into theaters, we are creating a new programme around the municipal elections and we are building a new series of ‘Kroegpraat’ that will focus on the theme of diversity and inclusion. Stay tuned!