What a time to be alive - Bart Grietens-21


  • Mon 12 Dec 19:45 - 21:45
  • Theater Kikker
  • 3,50
  • Language no problem - Accessible for HU-students and all others

MAN || CO – What a time to be alive

In the feelgood dance theatre performance What a time to be alive four women with carefully crafted personas take on a roadtrip through a picture-perfect world. Their seatbelts are fastened, and all the lights are green. They focus on nothing but on reaching their self-constructed goals.

With infectious energy and exceptional unity they push each other to show only the best version of themselves. The tempo is high, the possibilities are endless, and a self-imagined horizon gleems in the distance. But under the surface, the tensions rise. A bang. The brakes are hit. The inside screams, but the outside can’t display it. What happens when your overly perfect persona is unexpectedly stopped?

In What a time to be alive dance collective MAN || CO pleads for a realistic attitude towards manipulability and striving for perfection. The friction between the inner urge and the outer image will forever exist. We should be able to laugh about it, too, while we take on this paradox together.

After the performance we will have an aftertalk with the dancers, where you can ask all your questions.

Keep an eye on our socials, we will announce when the ticket sale goes live!

About Theatre Trip

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Theater Kikker is accessible to visitors with reduced mobility, and there is space for wheelchairs in the venue. In case you want to attend the show using a mobility device, please let us know prior to your visit by sending an email to so we can coordinate a wheelchair space for you with Theater Kikker. There is an elevator and an accessible toilet in the theater. Near Theater Kikker are three accessible parking spaces that you can use if you have a European disability parking permit: two parking spaces in front of the entrance of the City Hall (corner Korte Minrebroederstraat – Oudkerkhof) and one on the Oudkerkhof, opposite number 11. More information can be found on the website of the municipality of Utrecht.

The performance is Language No Problem and the discussion will be held in English (if there are English speaking visitors). Do you have special needs or wishes? We are happy to think about the possibilities with you. Please contact us via

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Monday 12 December 2022
Hoe laat
19:45 - 21:45
Theater Kikker
Language no problem - Accessible for HU-students and all others