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By student assistant Siete

Our very last Podium activity this school year was a boat trip around the canals of Utrecht. For me, it was a special occasion, because it was my last activity working as a student assistant for Podium. Around 15:30 we gathered in front of restaurant Broei at the Oosterkade (near Utrecht Vaartsche Rijn). Some people arrived in pairs or groups and others alone but everyone mingled as soon as we got on the boat. To make sure no one got hungry on the boat each person received a Podium tote bag with some Dutch snacks and fruits. From the Oosterkade we started our trip through the canals. During our trip we were assisted by a tour guide who knew everything about Utrecht. Did you know that Utrecht is celebrating its 900 year existence? And that Utrecht was the second city in the Netherlands to receive its city rights?

At the end of the Catharijnesingel we went underneath the Hoog Catherijne shopping mall, where we actually saw ruins of an old castle! For me this was completely new. I remembered visiting the old shopping mall as a young boy, it was nothing compared to the Hoog Catharijne nowadays! During our trip, I met a dozen other international students. With a steady supply of drinks we talked about our travel plans this summer, our highs and lows from the past year, and our opinions on Dutch food and customs. The tour guide told us what the old wharfs were used for back in the day, they are being restored now to potentially become part of the UNESCO World Heritage List! Also, we spotted potential places to live, which turned out to be way to expensive…

This was one of my favourite Podium activities! I had an absolutely great time, and I hope there will be more events like this next school year. I’d like to thank everyone at Podium and of course I’ll be coming back as a student to one of the many activities Podium has to offer. For now, I wish you a great summer and hopefully we will see you soon!

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