Podium is HU’s very own student platform that organises events with a socio-cultural focus, on themes that matter. At Podium, students develop and promote programmes themselves, to build a welcoming Podium-community within the larger HU-community. A combination of physical events and online sessions ensures an attractive list of accessible activities that anyone can join in on. As Podium is not tied to one physical location, we travel around like a nomad and get to discover all kinds of new, exciting places and venues in Utrecht, Amersfoort and the surrounding area.

This is our team!


Amy (19) – programme creator

Hello! I'm Amy and at I'm in my second year of Drama Therapy studies. At Podium, I work on developing our programmes, specifically the pub quiz and Food for Talk. In my spare time you can find me on the football field as a player and a referee. Besides that, I'm always in for an adventure. Are you proposing a spontaneous weekend trip? I'm in! In this pic I am presenting the Podium Pubquiz. Will I see you at one of the events?


Eline (20) – programme creator

Hi! I work for Podium as a programme creator. I’m a second year Journalism student and I really enjoy it. Aside from my school assignments I already have some actual journalist gigs. I’m a reporter for,, and Beeld & Geluid! In my free time I like to play the piano and the guitar and do some singing. In this picture I am presenting Utrecht Maakt Kennis. Something I like to do a lot.


Amber (20) – programme creator

Currently, I’m a second/third year Journalism student and in my free time I make music. Singing and writing my own songs can be such a good therapeutic outlet for me. Together with Eline I create the music for the Podium Pubquiz. During my time at Podium I hope to combine my journalism skills and passion for music!


Sam (27) – programme creator

At Podium I am a part of the team for Film and the Future and Hotspot. I like reading, going to the movies and hanging out with friends. I collect autographs from famous people and have a lot of them in my collection. Beside Podium I am a honoursstudent busy with developing, presenting and organising the program Politcial Junkies.


Lucas (24) – programme creator

At Podium I work on developing programmes like Roadmap & Hotspot. I study Journalism and I’m passionate about anything related to radio. I love presenting and sharing stories. I work at Podium with a lot of humor and fun.


Bas (23) - programme creator

As a programme creator for Podium I work on the programme ‘1 Uur Over’, wherein we talk with students and experts about relevant topics in our society: something I really like doing and I think is very important as well. Aside from my work as a programme creator for Podium I study Journalism and work as a web editor for 'het Utrechtse Jongerenwerk'. In my spare time you can often find me eating popcorn in the Louis Hartlooper cinema!


Eva (23) – promotions officer

My job is to make our programmes known to students and employees. I’m in the third year of my Communications degree. When I’m not studying I love spending time in the kitchen. I prefer vegan dishes and I try to create my own recipes. Aside from cooking and eating I go to the gym four times a week. The painting in the background is by a Dutch painter called Rachel Ruysch. She was the first woman to be inducted into the Confrerie Pictura.


Maureen (21) – promotions officer

I’m in the second year of my Communications and Multimedia Design degree and it’s exactly what I’m passionate about. After I have been conducting a target audience research with the aim of expanding our reach, I started as a programme promotor for Podium. I am very enthusiastic about the promotion of our programmes. You can always wake me up to go out into the sun for a walk while drinking a cup of coffee, delicious!


Olivia (19) - promotions officer

I'm a thrid year Communications and Multimedia Design student. At Podium I'll be increasing our visibility at the HU and updating our social media. In my spare time I like to collect vinyl records and visit museums. The artwork behind me is called Café Terrace at Night and made by Vincent van Gogh. I like how the warm colours really convey the atmosphere of a terrace!


Ivo (23) - programme creator

I create English spoken programmes for Podium! I'm following a Teacher Education in English study and I'm currently in my second year. My hobbies include collecting LEGOs, keeping my plants alive, and musical theatre: both on stage and backstage. I'm very interested in chemistry and all things related to space.


Corina (23) - programme creator

I'm happy to be part of the English-speaking part of the Podium team and help the international students to feel at home. As a 4th-year Creative Business student and an adventure seeker, I'm always looking for an interesting ways of spending my free time. The main reason of joining the Podium team is the ability of using this quality and sharing it with other students. I want to help my fellow students think about social issues and also enjoy their time at the HU. Besides my studies, I enjoy watching psychological movies and painting to relax.


Agnes (21) - programme creator

I'm a programme creator within the international section of Podium, creating English spoken events. I am following two bachelors at the same time. I'm in my third year of Creative Business, whilst I am in my second year of Political Science at the UvA. My interests include drawing, painting, writing, as well as sports: figure skating, ballet, and high intensity trainings.


Onur (28) - promotions officer

I work on the execution and creation of the promotion strategy for our English spoken programmes. Besides that, I study the Master’s programme in Data Driven Design. I'm a creative and social person, who enjoys painting, being in nature, travelling, discussing social issues, learning new languages, and being a non-paid therapist for friends and family.


Samoa (27) - communications officer

Within the Podium team my role is to make sure that we cater our events and programmes to a diverse audience. As an Anthropology graduate, I’m curious about the HU students and their view on the world. My world mostly revolves around good food, rugby, and craft projects.

Maria 2

Maria (26) - production executive

Within the Podium team I am involved in the production, preparation, implementation and settlement of all the events. I make sure all our events run smoothly, a wide variety of tasks! I like to move and can use my creativity and love for culture in my work as well. I enjoy art house movies, museums, concerts, Latin America, good food, games, and the sea.


Roselyn (35) – marketing and communications coordinator

Together with the promotions officers I make sure that the amazing Podium events find an even wider audience. I myself am a cultural omnivore, I love going to concerts, independent films, debate programmes, literary evenings… But most of all, I love the visual arts, that’s why I study part time at the art academy in The Hague.


Jasper (27) - programme coordinator

I'm the programme coordinator for the English spoken Podium events. Together with our team I will set up the International branch of Podium and make it a success! Both the team and the programme are still under development so I'm looking forward to what's to come. I love music, food, cooking, being outdoors, and I enjoy having people around.


Alinde (35) - programme coordinator

I map out the programme and organise amazing events with our student assistants. I hava background in theater where I worked as a creative director for 10 years. Now I can pour all my love for the arts and debate into Podium. In my spare time, I like to out on my road race bike, visit plays and concerts, and sit on the couch with my boyfriend.


Josien (52) - programme coordinator

I supervise the creation of new programmes and the organisation of events at Podium. I enjoy working with talented students and cooperating with other organisations. Apart from that, I like running in the woods, tending to my own garden, and visiting libraries. That's why I'm very happy to be working for the HU library one day a week.