Wellbeing Day | Neurodiversity

  • Wed 24 Apr 11:00 - 16:30
  • Botanic Gardens
  • Free signup
  • Podium x Student Support Centre

Every brain works differently, some need constant stimuli while others prefer to limit themselves to a minimum. You might be a right-brained person or a left-brained person. Do you want to know how to deal with the unique challenges and talents of your brain? Then this day is for you!

This HU wellbeing day focuses on neurodiversity and, above all, celebrating everyone’s strengths and uniqueness, this day is specifically for students of the HU. If you have a neurodivergence such as ADHD, autism, or dyslexia, we’ll have some specific tips for you. Did you know that performance anxiety or burn-out is also connected to how your brain is wired? This, and more, will be discussed with experts in workshops and lectures throughout the day. We strive to create a safe space where your personal experiences are acknowledged and your questions are welcome.

There will be someone who can direct you to the support facilities that the HU offers. We’ll close off the day with some drinks and snack and a chance to network.

Would you like a moment for yourself during this day? You can! If the weather allows it, you can use beans bags and headphones with soothing music to relax for a while. Close your eyes, sit back and block out sound. Recover and recharge for the next activity of the day. 

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The English spoken programme

11:00 Training mindfulness

Ready, set, focus! 
Mindfullnessthe art of awareness is the opposite of living on autopilot. You practice staying close to your feelings. No judgement or immediate actions, just observing and accepting them as they are. By actively training this process, you become more conscious of your physical state and learn to feel when it’s time to take a break.  
With the help of mindfulness trainers, you’ll go through some exercises and guided meditations that will help you start the day with a relaxed mindset.

12:00 Let's Talk About... Sensory Overload + Lunch

Flashing screens, buzzing push notifications – in a world filled with stimuli it’s easy to feel overwhelmed. As a student, this thread of sensory overload is never far away. Travelling in a packed bus, crowded buildings at the USP, and a pubcrawl with your study association afterwards. Do you also feel overwhelmed at the end of a long day? Let’s talk about it!

Everyone reacts differently to different stimuli, such as sound, light, temperature, and scent. Too many of these stimuli can make you emotional, stressed, fidgety or tired. But what is sensory overload exactly? With the help of experts, we’ll discuss how to recognise the signs of sensory overload and talk about ways to prevent it or recover from it. There’s lots to take away for both neurodiverse as well as neurotypical people!

Marjolein Olsthoorn is a coach for highly sensitive people. She’ll dive into what sensory overload is from a neurotypical and a neurodiverse point of view and tell us about the other extreme: understimulation.

Caspar Barkey is a trainer who helps students with ADHD. He will address how to recognise your needs and give practical tips on how to deal with this in your daily life – from creating a fitting study environment to planning downtime.

Are you staying with us for the free lunch afterwards?

14:00 Creative workshop botanical drawing

Everyone has their own way of looking at the world around them. In this workshop botanical drawing we’ll try out three different ways to capture what we see on paper and find out what fits you best! Do you like to note down every detail? Or do you prefer to let your mind wander and draw from imagination? Experience what works to spark your creativity and how the act of drawing can help to get to know your own brain. Does it bring you focus or help you clear your mind? We’ll discuss how to apply what you learn to your day-to-day life.

The workshop will be led by Mai Linh Ly, a visual artist and art educator. Nature is one of her largest sources of inspiration and she couldn’t think of a better place for a drawing workshop than the Botanical Gardens.


The programme is made up of English and Dutch spoken activities. The greenhouse, the Education Lab, and the Wachendorf Room are all situated close together but at a 10 minute walk from the main entrance of the Botanic Gardens. If you can’t make the walk, please let us know and we can give you access through the back entrance. The lunch and snacks will be vegetarian. There is a wheelchair accessible toilet nearby.  If you have any worries or needs that might prevent you from participating in this event, please let us know by sending a message to and we will try to accommodate as best as we can.

Botanic Gardens

Budapestlaan 17, Utrecht

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Wed 24 Apr 2024
11:00 - 16:30
Botanic Gardens
Free signup
Podium x Student Support Centre