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By student assistant Eva.

Last Monday we had our second Podium International event: The board games meetup! It was a rainy day so a perfect chance to try out fun games and make some new friends at the same time.

With a touch of decoration, music, and extra chairs we transformed our office at Heidelberglaan 9 into a cozy game room. The afternoon was filled with enthusiastic people and delicious snacks. The games we played were brought in by Luuk van Loon. Next to his job as a teacher of English Teacher Education he manages a board games store named Koning Bordspel – which translates to King Board Games. Our speedy reflexes, cooperation skills, and strategic minds were all put to the test with a variety of fun games including Ligretto, Wink, and Blasting Billy. As it turned out, winking is a difficult skill for some students, but other’s had no problem keeping up their poker face.

It was really nice to get to know people by playing games and we’re already looking forward to the next meetup event! So, save the date: Summer party Thursday 30 June 16-18 o’ clock.

Meanwhile, our team continues to collect input for future events. We’re very eager to get to work with all the suggestions we received so far, but if you have any more ideas for cultural activities, please send an email to!

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